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Powerful in Practice

One of the exciting results for current customers has been their use of findingQED assessment analytics to reveal and explicitly highlight several thinking flaws common to their students' problem solving.  Instructors are able to clearly and powerfully identify and communicate the specific unhelpful thinking habits interfering with student critical thinking and problem solving.

The learner's critical thinking skills, problem solving processes, and knowledge competence are automatically measured and assessed by the web-based platform. 

Problem solvers receive detailed descriptive feedback about their argument constructions and how their argument or arguments compare to the author's single or multiple argument constructions. Each problem can have any number of possible approaches and commensurate arguments.

Inconsistencies in learner arguments are automatically redlined with the errors explicitly explained to help the learner develop their critical thinking, problem solving skills, and knowledge competence.

In addition to the automated descriptive feedback, the platform provides extensive quantitative analytics measuring learner performance along a number of key critical thinking, problem solving and knowledge competence metrics.  Instructors can use these quantitative metrics to assist individual students, focus discussions on the areas of need, and grade achievement.

The rich array of assessment metrics also enables the problem scenarios to be used purely for assessment purposes where so desired.

Assessment & Automated Feedback

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