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findingQED has over 780 students using the platform in its "Beta" use program at 2 year and 4 year colleges, for science, business, and general knowledge applications.  Problem scenarios in our current library have been co-developed with instructors.

The problem scenarios are typically provided in a set or series which have been used for individual or group homework, class discussion material, in-class problem solving, supplemental skill enhancement, or purely for assessment.

Instructors are enthusiastic about the ability of these cases to captivate and motivate students, trigger curiosity, develop critical thinking and creative problem solving skills, properly apply targeted subject matter, empower independent learning, generate productive group discussions, and provide both instructors and students with powerful descriptive feedback and assessment metrics.

Instructors have found it useful to include both "general knowledge" problem scenarios along with those that incorporate domain content.  This enables learners to scaffold their critical thinking and problem solving skills independently of demonstrating knowledge competence.

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